Peter Thiel’s Startup Class Notes as PDF

Jul 26, 2012 · 2 min read · 16,299 views

Source: Vator News

@bgmasters created an awesome series of blog posts covering his notes of Peter Thiel’s startup class CS183. Personally i try to read more on the kindle (in the park) and less in front of my laptop screen. Therefore i took the liberty to copy-paste them to word and convert them to a kindle-ready pdf.

It’s a bit messy - i didn’t know word is SO… well let’s not talk about it. I discovered in the end i could also done an have html for calibre to convert. I know… this would have been by far better, but well it’s already done :)

A few friends asked me to send them the link. To speed this up. Here is a public blogpost.

It would be great if you could follow @bgmasters as a quick thank you for his extra efforts to create those notes. To put the size of this lecture and @bgmasters effort into context: The PDF has 688 pages!

Here is the download to the PDF.

Edit: It seems unfortunately like @bgmasters does not want his content to be re-distributed. That’s very sad but understandable from his point of view.

If you are still interested you in a pdf/kindle version you can ad-hoc create one by using readlists. (thanks to mwsherman for noting!)

best wishes @andreasklinger