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Over the years i met several people that left quite an impact on me and in many cases helped me along the way.

I tried to summarize one learning from each.

I split it in stages of my life. Growing up in Vienna; moving to London and Berlin, running my own companies, moving to SF to work on multiple companies there… etc. This list is otherwise in no particular order and misses about 1000000 people, most likely including you.


  • Helge Fahrnberger - the power of social software, the possibilities of the internet and in general being my first mentor without him ever realizing
  • Edward Hartwig - you can be a nerd about literally anything, even immigration law
  • Frederik Debong - you can plug-in stuff into your body and hope you dont write bugs that kill you
  • Moritz Plassnig - every business needs a hustler
  • Lukas Fittl - do things the right way
  • Felix - you can engineer your life
  • Tosh - nerds. community. vision. that’s all we need.
  • Juergen Hoebarth - you can predict the future by following the present‘s path
  • Michi Ströck - ADHD is a super power
  • Mimi - there is no task to overwhelming as long it’s on a to do list
  • Stephanie Cox - you can be an actor improving this world
  • Csongor Bias - help people to your fullest; no matter if you just met them or not


  • Klaus Coufal (IT Teacher) - the goal of every job is to make sure you are not needed (automate or hire yourself out of your job)

www.overclockers.at - my first community project

die.socialisten.at - my first company

  • Michi Kamleitner (Ex Co-Founder) - hard work and persistence is the only magic trick

Garmz.com - my first startup

  • Tamas Locher (Ex Co-Founder) - start with the best possible solution and – only then – work backwards to reality
  • Gilbert Wedam (Ex Co-Founder) - you are not finished until you have thought it through completely
  • Simone Ospelt - you can apply your skills to any problems, even if unrelated to your experience
  • Rafael Jimenez - humanity does not matter without art and culture
  • Rado (now CTO of Product Hunt) - being positive is a choice
  • Ves (now CTO of AngelList) - have people around you who always expect the best from you and call your bullshit
  • Petyo (now DoE Stream) - Nobody knows anything, don’t take yourself too serious and just do your best work
  • Sitar - passion is the most powerful energy source
  • Reshma - relationships are the only things that matters in the end


  • Pmoe - there is only startup network worldwide and people who create the local uplinks
  • Giesbert - every object in this world around you has a story
  • Peter Henssen - you can always reinvent yourself without ever needing to change your core
  • Yanislav Malakhov - freaks will lead into the future
  • Christian & Margaux - trying to show me how to adult - i didn’t learn anything though.


  • Naval (Ex Boss) - teach people how you think about topics instead of only what you think about them
  • Audrey Kim - creativity is source of energy
  • Onno - you always have agency
  • Graham (Best manager i ever had) - do the shit work, make your team look good
  • Alexis Ohanian - you can help a lot of people without ever meeting them
  • Roy Bahat (Bloomberg) - always create space for inclusion
  • Paul Davidson (ex boss; now Founder of Clubhouse) - being passionate and positive, shapes the world around you.
  • Nick Abouzeid - you can be good at everything if you want to
  • Pomp & Polina - personal brands are media brands and nobody can ever take them from you
  • Garry Tan - being kind is a super power
  • Marvin Liao - supporting people worldwide is possible
  • Riva - genius; creativity and craziness are the same things from different sides

Product Hunt

  • Jacq (Ex Coworker) - friends are family
  • Erik Torenberg (Ex Coworker) - you get far by just asking the right questions
  • Ryan (Ex Boss) - the core of communites are authentic people who give opportunities to random people (like me)
  • Mike (Ex Coworker) - i could say something about discipline and routine, but i mainly learned from him how to be a good brother.

My Fund

  • Johnny Boufarhat (CEO of Hopin.com) - the fastet growing companies of the future will all be remote
  • Job (CEO of Remote.com) - there is no problem so big that it can’t be broken down into small solvable parts and then handed over to Marcelo
  • Marcelo Leub (CTO of Remote.com) - something really smart about duplexing… it made a lot of sense… i forgot it sorry ;)
  • Joel (CEO of Buffer) - stay by your values even if the world around you constantly changes
  • Alex Torrenegra - honor your grandparents with your work
  • Sten (CEO of Estonia… or should be) - make bets on people

On Deck

  • David Booth (Current Boss) - there is no limit to professional growth

People i never met

  • Dale Carnegie (author) - for teaching me how humans operate; who would have known…
  • Arthur C. Clarke (author) - that you can predict the future through extrapolation

My Family

  • Annemarie (my mother) - there is always a solution
  • Wolfgang (my father) - you can create your own world with entrepreneurship
  • Nico (my cousin) - family comes first
  • Susanne Knoll (my wife) - literally everything else i know ❤️